Lamborghini V12 will live!

Lamborghini V12

Some fantastic news, the 2022 Aventador will feature a glorious V12.

Car Magazine have scooped some incredible news from the Sant’Agata team that the engine will live on.

Determined to not mute the sound by using Turbos, they are confident that the V12 can meet Euro 7 regulations by using particulate filters and pairing it with 3, yes 3, electric motors.

Aventadors successor, is likely to have over 1,000hp. More than the current 759 in the current SVJ.

The design language should be an evolution from the current car, not a total departure. However design elements are going to be taken from the Terzo Millenni concept.

In a concept created by Avarvarii for Car Magazine, this is the design direction it’s likely to take and Phwoaaarrrr, what a thing!

We are huge fans of Lamborghini at Autovida, we cannot wait to see further news.

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