About AutoVida

AutoVida is a brand new automotive website for 2018. We aim to take a look at the news from all manufacturers around the globe.

We are true car fanatics, from visiting drag and drift events, motor museums, cars and coffee mornings through to working on our own, we like to know what goes on inside a car, not just what a car is about.

We want to take a fresh, unbiased look at the car industry, from manufacturers, after market parts, project builds, gadgets and tech and put our findings and opinions out to our readers.

We aim to include car news, reviews, document our own project cars and daily drivers. Include tutorials on anything we can, to help both the inexperienced and experienced motorist enjoy and learn as much as possible.

We notice the car scene generally is accepting and inclusive, this is how we like to be. When it comes to cars, we have a common language and respect for one another. The car community is a great place to be.

This is a new website and we are finding our feet, so would love to hear any feedback so that we can make improvements.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you’ll stick around.

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