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McLaren Speedtail – 250mph Hyper-GT

It’s here. The 250mph (403km/h), 3 seater ‘Hyper-GT’ car from McLaren.

This is the next chapter for McLaren, their first Hyper-GT and the newest in their ‘Ultimate’ Series. Weighing with hybrid drive at 1,403kg, power output of 1,050ps (approx 1,035bhp) it will reach 0-186mph (300km/h) in a staggering 12.8 Seconds. 

Speedtail Front

106 will be made and all 106 have been reserved, starting from £1.75 Million a piece. It’s easy to see why, this, is a thing of beauty, physically, visually and statistically.

It is a carbon fibre monocage structure with a teardrop shaped cockpit to recapture the central driving position of the legendary McLaren F1, allowing 2 passengers to sit either side of the driver.

Speedtail Interior

A standout feature of the interior is the electrochromic strip at the top of the windscreen, at the touch of a button, the top of the windscreen darkens to alleviate the need for sun visors. 

Switches made from hand brushed aluminium, specially selected Scandinavian hides for full aniline leather interiors,  high definition displays and carbon fibre seating inspired by the F1 mean this is a true 21st century reincarnation of that venerable masterpiece. 

McLaren have been at the forefront of carbon fibre technology for decades, their newest innovation sees a layer of titanium in the weave to allow for colours or custom work that doesn’t impact the strength of the material.

This is the most aero drag-coefficient road car McLaren have made, they have gone to great lengths to achieve this, with proven technology from the P1 and Senna such as the active rear ailerons, to the most noticeable new feature the front wheel static aero covers. The airflow over, through and under Speedtail has been thoroughly thought out and controlled.

Wing mirrors have been replaced with cameras with the output on screens either side of the instrument cluster, the cameras retract when in velocity mode, along with lowering the car up to 35mm to make it as slippery as possible to achieve the 250mph top speed.  

Speedtail Top

This marks the start of a new 18 model with designations line up from McLaren. I think it’s safe to say McLaren are pushing boundaries and pushing this automotive space forward at a pace that only they know how.

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